Life Science: Exhibition Calendar

Exhibition Calendar

13.03.2024 - 15.03.2024

Organizer: IMP, IMBA
Venue: IMP and IMBA institutes
Address: AT 1030, Vienna, Campus-Vienna-Biocenter 1

SY-Stem – a symposium focusing on the next generation of stem cell researchers – is an annual meeting, located in the beautiful city of Vienna. It is organized jointly by the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) and Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA).

In this two-and-a-half-day event, recognized keynote speakers, as well as aspiring young group leaders will discuss the latest advances in stem cell biology in an informal and collaborative setting. Our goal is to strengthen a cooperative and dynamic spirit in this research area.

The 2024 sessions include the following topics:

  • Early embryogenesis
  • Neural lineage specification
  • Brain development
  • Brain disease and regeneration
  • Novel technologies

Symposium website          Program

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!


Life Science PhD Meeting
03.04.2024 - 05.04.2024

Organizer: Universität Innsbruck, MedUni Innsbruck, MCBD, SPIN, HOROS, ARDRE, CBD, CavX
Venue: CCB
Address: AT 6020, Innsbruck, Innrain 80

The Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2023 features:

  • 5 outstanding speakers
  • 20 short presentations from students selected from submitted abstracts
  • a “ From Sample Preparation to Flow Cytometry” workshop
  • a bunch of prizes
  • and a come-together in the evening!

Symposium website          Program

We look forward to seeing you in Innsbruck!


18th Microsymposium on RNA Biology
24.04.2024 - 26.04.2024

Organizer: IMBA, IMP, GMI, MPL, RNA community of VBC
Venue: IMP and IMBA institutes at the Vienna Biocenter (VBC)
Address: AT 1030, Vienna, Campus Vienna Biocenter 1

The „Microsymposium on RNA Biology“ is an international conference that brings together young scientists, junior and senior group leaders, and company representatives from all over the world to present and discuss their latest findings in the exciting field of small RNAs and beyond. This allows the up-and-coming scientists to present their projects and results to a highly qualified, engaged and dynamic audience and is a major distinguishing factor from other conferences.

The Microsymposium was founded in 2005 and has established itself as the major small RNA meeting in Europe. It is organized by the three research institutions IMBA, IMP, and GMI, as well as by the RNA community of the Vienna Biocenter.

Symposium website

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!

16th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting: „Tackling the Challenges of the 21st Century“
17.09.2024 - 19.09.2024

Organizer: ÖGMBT
Venue: Graz/ReSoWi-Zentrum
Address: AT 8010 Graz, Universitätsplatz 1

The ÖGBMT Annual Meeting is the melting pot of the Life Sciences in Austria. In this meeting you can expect to expand your horizon by learning about technologies and disciplines outside of your immediate field of focus, to meet colleagues with complementary expertise and future collaboration partners, and to encounter faculty and students that may become your next employer or employee. Altogether, we look forward to great science, open discussions, and networking.

Symposium website

We look forward to meeting you in Graz!