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Abbkine Scientific was founded by a number of scientists and marketing experts in the field of life science in California, USA in 2012. With growing demands from Asia Pacific, it move its headquarters to China. Combining cutting edge technology from United States with China’s manufacturing engineering and cost advantages, Abbkine aims to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, cytokines, growth factors, primary antibodies (epitope, internal control, conjugated, phospho-specific, …), secondary antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research, drug discovery, etc.

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ABclonal is a dynamic and growing provider of high quality biology research reagents, tools, and custom services.

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ABP Biosciences

ABP Biosciences invents, develops, and markets innovative products and technologies to scientists engaged in life sciences research, diagnostic R&D and drug discovery. They specialize in the area of fluorescence labeling and detection technologies.

The wide range of high-quality, value-priced products enables scientists and biomedical researchers to better understand molecular biology, cell biology, and immunology.

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ACROBiosystems is a leading manufacturer of recombinant proteins and other critical reagents to support the development of targeted therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics. The company pursues an application-oriented development strategy with a special focus on product design, quality control and solution-oriented support.

ACROBiosystems‘ catalog contains a comprehensive list of disease-related biomarkers and drug targets for humans and animals. All products are manufactured with high quality and lot-to-lot consistency to meet strict pharmaceutical research and development standards.

ACROBiosystems has been closely monitoring the development of the epidemic situation and has accelerated the development of SARS-COV-2 antigen proteins, antibodies, kits and other related products to facilitate the development of serological tests, therapeutic antibodies and to support vaccines.

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Active Motif

Active Motif is the industry leader in developing and delivering innovative tools to enable epigenetics and gene regulation research. They are committed to providing the highest quality products and superior service & support to serve the life science, clinical and pharmaceutical/drug discovery communities. Whether you are an expert in the field of epigenetics or a researcher interested in integrating epigenetics research into your studies, Active Motif offers a comprehensive portfolio of epigenetics-related products and services and the support of our team of epigenetic experts to provide complete and innovative solutions to tackle your scientific inquiries.

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Affinity Biosciences

Founded in 2006, Affinity Biosciences is a pioneering Life Science and High-Tech company whose biochemical products and services are mainly applied in biotechnology, medical research and pharmaceutical development. Their goal is to develop high-quality antibodies that focus on Cell Signaling Transduction research, including Akt, AMPK, NF-KappaB, TGF-beta, etc, as well as inhibitors and related reagents. Aside from being the major supplier of innovative tools for signaling transduction research, Affinity Biosciences also offers a vast variety of more than 500 inhibitors and siRNA.

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Alphagen Biotech

ALPHAGEN Biotech Ltd., founded in Taiwan in 2020, is located at the south of Taiwan.

The ALPHAGEN Biotech products are equipped with automated systems for production of high-quality molecular biology products & clinical chemistry reagents. ALPHAGEN Biotech focus on DNA/RNA extraction kit and EtBr destroyer series, to provide customers with high-quality products at very competitive prices. The members of ALPHAGEN Biotech have 20-years-experience for DNA/RNA extraction field and supplying the best products is our highest goal.

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Aviscera Bioscience

It all started with a great idea and a little hard work. Today Aviscera is proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you’ll enjoy. Aviscera is the leading lupplier of specialty biomarker ELISA kits for metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases and cancer research. Additionally, they offer antibodies, recombinant proteins but also CVD & MS biomarkers.


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BBG Bundesbeschaffung Partnerschaft

Das BBG-Partner-Siegel zeigt Ihnen auf einen Blick, welche Unternehmen erfolgreich an einer öffentlichen Ausschreibung teilgenommen haben bzw. welche Unternehmen gerade aktiv und partnerschaftlich einen Vertrag erfüllen. Alle Unternehmen, die mindestens einen gültigen Rahmenvertrag oder eine gültige Rahmenvereinbarung mit der BBG haben, dürfen das Partner-Siegel tragen. Voraussetzungen dafür sind die Zustimmung zu unserer Nutzungsvereinbarung sowie die korrekte Verwendung des Siegels.

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Bio SB

Bio SB is proud to develop, manufacture and distribute unique products for Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunocytochemistry (ICC), Immunofluorescence (IF), Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH) and Chromogenic in situ Hybridization (CISH) technologies that meet the highest international standards for applications in Molecular Pathology.

Bio SB is a CE/IVDD and ISO 13485:2016 certified company that manufactures and develops products in accordance with USA FDA QSR 21 CFR Part 820 cGMP. These guidelines enable them to produce IVD products that meet the highest in vitro diagnostic standards.

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BioAssay Systems

BioAssay Systems develops and markets innovative and high-throughput assay solutions to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the life sciences industry.

The founders of BioAssay Systems have over 50 years of extensive experience in modern drug discovery. Over the past 15 years, we have developed over 200 assay kits for drug discovery and life sciences research. We pride ourselves on the services we provide and products that are simple, convenient to use, and superior in performance.

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BioChain is the world leader in high quality processed bio-sample products and analysis services used in advancing translational medicine, companion diagnostics, and clinical product research and development. BioChain’s products are available for DNA and RNA sequencing, PCR and RT-PCR, gene expression analysis, DNA and RNA purification, protein extraction and purification, and protein expression analysis. BioChain’s One-Stop Services for Next Generation Sequencing, from clinical sample collection, sample preparation, sequencing to bioinformatics analysis, will revolutionize the industry.

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Bioss Inc is a leading antibody developer and manufacturer with state of the art technologies. They have developed over 11,000 primary antibodies and more than 130,000 derived products including fluorochrome conjugated antibodies. In addition to reliable loading control and tag antibodies, their catalog includes over 1000 specific antibodies recognizing proteins with phosphorylation, acetylation, or methylation modifications. Bioss promises fast delivery with strong, top quality scientific support. Bioss Inc is located in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts, the center of the world’s largest and fastest growing biotech community.

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Candor is an internationally oriented enterprise which develops, produces and distributes premium solutions for immunoassays. The portfolio comprises Optimizers, Stabilizers, Blockers and other high quality Buffer Solutions. All products are manufactured in their own facility in Germany.

Their innovative buffer solution called „LowCross-Buffer“ has been successfully introduced in many laboratories around the world, which allows a greater safety of results, particularly in so-called „interfering samples“. This innovative solution enables for reliable and reproducible assays even in critical matrices.

Candor supplies more than 50 high-quality solutions for immunoassays to research and development laboratories as well as to manufacturers of routine testing kits for human, veterinary, food and environmental diagnostics.

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Capricorn Scientific

Capricorn Scientific was established in 2016 as a German manufacturer of cell culture media, sera, and reagents. The main focus of production is the manufacturing of high-quality animal sera for biotech, diagnostic, and research applications. Our team is highly trained, experienced, and motivated to fulfill your requests and orders in time.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Fast and efficient order processing with transparent pricing
  • Secured just-in-time deliveries
  • Reliable homogeneity for consistent results
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Cell Biolabs

Cell Biolabs, Inc. proudly develops and commercializes innovative technologies and tools for life science research. They are committed to providing the best products that facilitate discovery of the mechanisms underlying cell function and disease.

Their unique, cutting-edge products are currently used around the world in the research laboratories of universities, government institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Cell Biolabs core areas of expertise include Cell-Based Assays, Viral Expression & Purification Kits & Reagents, Oxidative Stress Assays, Metabolism Research Assays & Reagents, and Cell Signaling & Protein Biology.

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The initial drive for Dendritics was inspired by their will to supply the scientific community with the large collection of monoclonal antibodies they had developed at LIR. Most of the antibodies presented in their catalogue directly result from the participation in gene discovery programs and functional studies. Consequently, there is strong believe that Dendritics has a competitive advantage to ensure high product quality and expert understanding of the underlying science.

From their long experience at Laboratory for Immunological Research (LIR), the team members of  have gathered complementary scientific and technological knowledge in different areas of immunology. The initial focus of LIR was in the biology of B lymphocytes, elaboration of human monoclonal antibodies, and in cytokine discovery (IL-3, IL-4, IL-7, IL-10, IL-17, GM-CSF).

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As leaders in custom RNA synthesis, Dharmacon Inc (now part of Horizon Discovery) was an early participant in the newly discovered field of RNA interference, and contributed several key scientific findings and some of the first commercially available, guaranteed to-silence siRNA reagents. This leadership continued through technical advances in bioinformatics and chemical modifications to improve performance. Today, the areas of research and research tools have expanded to support all aspects of RNAi interference; siRNA, lentiviral shRNA, tools for microRNA research and genome scale libraries for RNAi functional screens of genes, microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs. For over-expression, Dharmacon has one of the largest collections of cDNAs and ORFs commercially available.

More recently, a suite of innovative Dharmacon CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tools was released, leveraging Dharmacons leadership in RNA synthesis and vector biology, providing one of the most comprehensive genome engineering toolset available. Their approach in providing ready-to-use synthetic and lentiviral guide RNAs and Cas9 nuclease reagents greatly simplifies the selection of appropriate tools for nearly every application. Their bioinformatics expertise has resulted in the first rational design algorithm for CRISPR-Cas9 functional gene knockout, so predesigned, genome-wide guide RNAs for human, mouse, and rat are only a click away.

Logo: Dharmacon


Diaclone develops a wide range of immunology products, e.g. monoclonal & biologically active antibodies, ELISA kits, ELISpot kits and Multiplex assays („DIAplex“). Research areas covered include Apoptosis, Cytokines, Cytokine Receptors, Chemokines, CD Markers and Adhesion Molecules.

With 25 years of experience and expertise Diaclone remains committed to providing excellence in Monoclonal Antibody and Immunoassay development. The oustanding Diaclone product quality and scientific reputation is built on cutting edge therapeutic antibody collaborations within the pharmaceutical industry. The same level of quality is the hallmark of the entire Diaclone product range maintaining our reputation as an established centre of excellence for monoclonal antibody research and development. From monoclonal antibodies through to assay development our expertise is every present ensuring consistent high product quality.

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Eurofins – DiscoverX

Eurofins DiscoverX® is the trusted drug discovery and development product solutions provider. As the products division of Eurofins Discovery, and part of the Eurofins BioPharma global network, DiscoverX has earned this reputation over the past two decades by contributing to the discovery and development of life-saving therapeutics with trusted and validated cell-based assay products used in the screening and validation of billions of data points for countless therapeutic programs. The DiscoverX product portfolio is comprised of fit-for-purpose solutions, from ready-to-use homogeneous assay kits, stable engineered cell lines, membrane preps, recombinant proteins/enzymes, and qualified reagents to support your therapeutic drug programs no matter what stage you are at to accelerate your programs with confidence.

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EXBIO Antibodies strives to exceed the most demanding customer expectations in the field of analytical cytometry. With 25 years of experience in manufacture of monoclonal antibodies EXBIO provides a comprehensive range of high quality products for research and diagnostic applications.
Antibodies from a broad list of clones are available in many colors and also in premixed CE IVD cocktails. Flow cytometry kits are intended for analysis of allergy, phagocytosis, apoptosis, fertility, cell cycle, T regulatory cells and NK cells.

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Favorgen Biotech is located in the national biotechnology park, Taiwan. It constructs its ISO qualified factory with automation system for production of high-quality molecular biology products and clinical chemical reagents. Currently, Favorgen establishes its branch offices over USA, China, Korea and Denmark and has set up its distributorship net over 30 countries in the world. Since being established, Favorgen has invested substantially in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, to provide customers with high-quality products at very competitive prices. Favorgen is committed to developing research, both in-house and through collaboration with academic and industrial partners, in order to keep offering high-quality, innovation products.

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Fine Biotech is an ISO9001:2008 Certified Company,offers a full line of quality research kits,which include ELISA Kits,related ELISA assistant reagents and more high quality antibodies, recombinant proteins.

Fine Biotech technical support are delicated to providing with professional and friendly assistance for our customers. Strict and multiple quality control ensure that the products continue to successfully supply for the international market. Moreover, Fine Biotech strive to continuously improve the customer experience through comprehensive technical support. High quality,rapid turnaround and personal support for all FineTest services are guaranteed.

Logo: FineTest

Fitzgerald, now part of Biosynth

Fitzgerald Industries International was founded in 1989. From its humble beginnings of just six employees based in Concord, MA, the company has grown dramatically over the years, with offices and large workforces now spanning three continents. The product range is constantly growing with the addition of new primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, recombinant and native proteins, ELISA kits, Sera and Plasma, and many other biological reagents. Fitzgerald strive to offer our customers the best products in the world, such that they go to the ends of the earth to make or source them.

Fitzgerald manufacture many of their products in their facilities in Ireland, Canada and USA. And when they cannot make them, they work with institutes, academic laboratories, and manufacturing partners to ensure they can provide the biggest level of choice possible. The core team is made up of scientists, many of whom have worked with the company for over 25 years, and who understand that antibodies do not abide by the rule that ‘one size fits all’ and that proteins don’t always ‘behave’ as they should.

Logo: Fitzgerald, now part of Biosynth


GeneCopoeia, Inc. is a US-based manufacturer and provider of genomics and proteomics products and services for academic and governmental research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. GeneCopoeia and its joint venture, FulenGen, have manufactured and released into market the largest number of human full length protein coding ORF cDNA clones in multiple sets of vector systems with various features which make these clones suitable for a variety of functional assays, protein expression and easy purification in many cell types as well as cell free transcription and translation coupling systems, and large scale functional genomics and proteomics studies.

They also offer a comprehensive suite of accurate, reliable and affordable gene and protein based products and services that are integrated with their large collection of full length ORF cDNA clones, which includes recombinant proteins, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, RNAi products, custom cloning and protein production services, and other life sciences tools and products.

Logo: GeneCopoeia

HistoSure (by SySy)

HistoSure antibodies have been specifically developed for use in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues. Like all SYSY products, HistoSure antibodies are exclusively available under the Synaptic Systems brand. They are produced and thoroughly tested in our own facilities to guarantee the best quality and reliability. HistoSure antibodies are subject to our special HistoSure Quality Guidelines

Logo: HistoSure (by SySy)

Horizon Discovery

Horizon Discovery offers an extensive range of catalogue products and related research services to support a greater understanding of the function of genes across all species and the genetic drivers of human disease and the development of personalised molecular, cell and gene therapies. These have been adopted by over 10,000 academic, drug discovery, drug manufacturing and clinical diagnostics customers around the globe, as well as in the Company’s own R&D pipeline.

Horizon’s offerings are built around our proprietary translational genomics platform, a high-precision and flexible suite of gene editing tools able to alter almost any endogenous gene sequence of human or mammalian cell-lines. Based from that launch pad, Horizon now offers over 23,000 catalog products, almost all of which are based on the application of gene editing to generate cell lines that accurately model the disease-causing mutations found in genetically based diseases.

In addition, Horizon provides rAAV, ZFN and CRISPR custom cell line and in vivo model generation services for research and bioproduction applications, quantitative molecular reference standards, in vivo disease models, contract research and custom screening services including for target identification and validation, and for drug combination studies.

Logo: Horizon Discovery

HumanKine – Human Cell-expressed Proteins

Superior quality recombinant proteins are key to assuring the performance and commercial success of advanced therapies.
Proteintech’s GMP-grade and Research-grade HumanKine® recombinant proteins are well validated and proven to be stable, safe, pure and potent.

All HumanKine® recombinant proteins are generated in HEK293 cells. The use of human expression system guarantees that the HumanKine® proteins have native conformation and post translational modifications which ensures the optimum activity of the protein.
These proteins are expressed and purified without any tags.

  • High bioactivity & stability
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Native human conformation & post-translational modifications
  • Endotoxin-free, xeno-free & tag-free
Logo: HumanKine – Human Cell-expressed Proteins

Immagina Biotechnology

Immagina Biotechnology is dedicated to advancing knowledge of RNA and ribosome biology by enabling scientists to study the mechanisms of translation in action. They aim to develop revolutionary products that leverage the biochemistry of translation to provide new approaches to develop transformative treatments for diseases with unmet clinical needs.

The companyis pioneering a groundbreaking ribosome-platform that converges RNA technologies, advanced detection methods, data science, and automation: a comprehensive portfolio of tools essential in biomolecular science and medicine.


Logo: Immagina Biotechnology


Leinco Technologies is a biotechnology company founded in 1992 as a specialty manufacturer of early discovery research products including antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA kits, second step reagents and other life sciences products. Shortly thereafter, we also established ourselves as a premier provider of custom R&D and manufacturing services focusing on monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

Our innovative products and services are used to augment the early discovery process in life science research, diagnostics and ground breaking development of protein therapeutics.

Logo: Leinco

MedChem Express (MCE)

MedChemExpress (MCE) offers a wide range of high quality research chemicals and biochemicals including novel life-science reagents, reference compounds, APIs and natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. MCE has knowledgeable and friendly customer service and technical support teams with years of experience in the life science industry. MCE will be a competent and trustworthy partner for your research and scientific projects.

Product identity, quality, purity and activity are assured by robust quality control and assurance polices, programs and procedures. MCE perform thorough analytical testing – including HNMR, LC-MS and HPLC – stability testing and activity assays on their products and the results from these tests are available to clients.

Logo: MedChem Express (MCE)

Nordic BioSite

Now in business for nearly 20 years, Nordic BioSite is recognized as a leader in supply of products for research and diagnostic, Immunology and Molecular Biology, to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic and to academic researchers.

Continuously, Nordic BioSite introduces many novel products as a result of the research and development with their partners and the feed back from our customers. Through the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of their products our aim is to facilitate your research.

Logo: Nordic BioSite

PAN Biotech

Since 1988 PAN-Biotech has been convincing with high quality products and excellent service around cell culture all over the world.
The product range focuses on serums, media, serum-free systems, reagents and other products for cell culture, with which we supply customers from research, clinics and the biopharmaceutical industry. The team with many years of experience in various areas of biotechnology guarantees product developments that are based on the requirements of the market and users. We always welcome individual requests.

Production takes place in Aidenbach, Bavaria: Quality – „Made in Germany“!

Logo: PAN Biotech


ProSpec is an evolving biotech company providing highly purified proteins worldwide which serve the research community with cytokine-related products for cancer, apoptosis, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases, and stem cell research.

ProSpec´s research team and scientists have been able to assemble more than 6000 recombinant proteins, peptides and antibodies for your research needs. Among our proteins are Interferons, Interleukins, Bone Morphogenic Proteins, Tumor Necrosis factors, Leptins, Stem Cell factors, Prolactins, Chemokines, Antibodies, Peptides, Enzymes, Viral Antigens, and various growth factors. The proteins are rigorously tested to meet the research and development demand for excellent quality, uncompromising biological activity at competitive prices.

Logo: ProSpec

Proteintech (PTG)

With one hundred percent originally produced monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, Proteintech offers its customers sincerity and integrity, qualities you will discover continually throughout your workflow. When you receive your antibody and see the Proteintech logo on the vial, know that you hold something that is truly unique.

Proteintech has pledged to undertake siRNA knockdown validation of most of its antibodies by the end of 2015. The specificities of over 550 of its antibodies have already been confirmed by customers using siRNA knockdown, and published in over 650 journal papers. In adding its own siRNA data to those previously available in the literature, Proteintech’s aim is to make a gold standard of antibody validation more accessible to its customers.

Logo: Proteintech (PTG)


RayBiotech is a leading life sciences company providing proteomic discovery tools. They introduced the first commercially available cytokine antibody array. Since then, RayBiotech´s product lines have expanded to include hundreds of arrays and immunoassays for efficient analysis of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, and signal transduction.

In addition, RayBiotech now has the world’s largest selection of fully validated ELISA kits. RayBiotech has also added comprehensive service programs including Array Testing Services, Biomarker Discovery, Peptoid Discovery, and Custom Assay Development. RayBiotech now provides these products and services worldwide through a world class network of distributors.

Logo: RayBiotech


Reddot Biotech Inc., located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, was founded in 2015 by an executive team with over 35 years combined experience in the medical device industry. We focus on providing customers in the global marketplace with timely customer service, reliable supply and products with superior performance. They thrive on competition, innovation and fast resource allocation for customer needs.

Reddot Biotech Inc. currently focuses on the development and production of high quality ELISA kits for research use, as well as a range of other high quality products and services for pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and scientific research use. They are committed to research and development to bring customers top quality products providing accurate, reliable and fast results critical to any research.

Logo: Reddot


ScheBo® • Biotech AG is an innovative biotech company that is active in the field of development, production and marketing of diagnostics.

Continuous innovation, strong customer focus and creative problem solving have made ScheBo®  Biotech AG a worldwide leading manufacturer of unique products.

Logo: ScheBo

Solis BioDyne

Solis BioDyne has been developing and producing life science reagents since 1995, and have become one of the leading PCR reagent suppliers in Europe today.
High standards for production and service have made Solis BioDyne a trusted trademark worldwide. DNA polymerases, PCR Master Mixes, qPCR Mixes, and other reagents are used by a quickly growing number of customers across the globe, including top research institutes and biotech companies. Solis BioDyne has partners in both private and public sectors, with cooperation projects ranging from OEM production to scientific research.

Logo: Solis BioDyne

SySy – Synaptic Systems

Synaptic Systems offers one of the largest collections of antibodies against synaptic and neuroscience related proteins and a growing panel of antibodies for cell biology, histopathology, and high resolution microscopy (NanoTag antibodies). Many of these antibodies have established themselves as reference products with numerous, high impact publications.

Logo: SySy – Synaptic Systems

US Biological

United States Biological’s biochemicals, antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell culture media and molecular biology kits are used in virtually all scientific applications and settings, including genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and the diagnosis of disease. Products are available from affordable research quantities to larger bulk amounts for process development and production.

Logo: US Biological

VitroVivo Biotech

VitroVivo Biotech offers products and services that are focused on the area of histology, laser capture microdissection (LCM), immunostain, in situ hybridization, cell biology, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) sample analyses and pathology consulting by a certified pathologist.

Logo: VitroVivo Biotech