Cell Culture & Cell Biology

Cell Culture & Cell Biology

Regardless of whether you are performing cell culture in research labs or in production facilities, cell culture media and supplements (e.g. antibiotics) as well as serum (FCS) and other cell culture reagents (growth factors, inhibitors, …) have to be of highest quality to deliver reproducible results. Whether you are using classical or a serum-free-defined media, working with (cancer) cell lines, primary or stem cells, you can rely on the quality, consistency, and performance for your cell culture working with our product range.

The Appropriate Serum For Your Project

Serum stimulates cell growth, proliferation and differentiation through hormonal factors but also facilitates and enhances cell attachment on culture dishes via adhesion factors. In addition, serum comprises of various hormones, minerals and lipids.

Do you currently seek a suitable FCS / FBS, a defined serum or a serum replacement (serum-free)? Simply ask us about your possibilities as well as benefits and limitations.
We also offer samples for testings and comparison to your existing serum solution. We organize batch reservations for you and keep everything stored in our ISO-certified temperature controlled ware house in Vienna. Let us know the required amount of bottles as well as the planned time span to use them. This means very short delivery times to your place.

Please contact Chantal Rodgarkia for further information.

Mycoplasma Assays & Removal

Mycoplasma detection is often difficult due to its lack of visible appearance, affecting your cells and results without your knowledge. Cells contaminated by mycoplasma species can have changes in proliferation, metabolism, transfection efficiency, gene synthesis and processing, as well as adhesion properties. The solution for quick and easy mycoplasma detection is a sensitive PCR-based assay from cell culture supernatant. PCR based Mycoplasma Detection allows price comprehensive, fast and reliable identification of mycoplasma contamination. The short detection process (less than 2 hours), easy handling and high sensitivity makes this method a convenient tool for routine examination of cell cultures and media.

You want to keep your mycoplasma-contaminated cells? Try out Mycoplasma Elimination Cocktail, which is capable to eliminates mycoplasma in less than 2 weeks or 4 cell passages.

Viral Systems

We offer retroviral (MoMuLV/ MMLV-based), lentiviral (HIV-based, FIV on request), adenoviral and adeno-associated viral (AAV) tools from several suppliers to serve your individual needs.

All tools to perform high quality do-it-yourself lentiviral particle production are available at THP. Ask for your complete package, starting with HEK293 packaging cell lines and pre-made constructs, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation packaging mixes, purification tools, PCR-based titer determination kits as well as transduction enhancers (ViralPlus Transduction Enhancer and Polybrene).

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a small, non-enveloped virus infecting both dividing and non-dividing, hard to transfect cells, like primary, neuronal and stem cells. The choice of cell types, serotypes and the optimal multiplicity of infection (MOI) play a key role in influencing transduction efficiency during an experiment. Thus, it is crucial to develop the optimal criteria of AAV transduction for your research, also when enhanced safety and immunogenicity is a concern.

We offer optimized helper-free human AAV systems which allows viral packaging without potentially pathogenic helper adenovirus in 12 different serotypes. When you are unsure, which serotype is the ideal one, test it out with the AAV Serotype Blast Kit.

A crude AAV preparation may contain material that negates this benefit of this system. It is therefore critical that the virus is highly purified to minimize an immunogenic response in the host cell. So we offer AAV purification kits and titer determination tools, as well as an AAV Transduction enhancer.
Pre-made control viruses and custom-made viruses are available in a ready-to-transduce format to ensure fast-forward research.

Take care of the correct bacterial strain to amplify viral constructs!

We offer chemically competent DH5α (Cat.No. CC001 , CC02; E003, E003S) and StBl3 (Cat. No. CC003, CC004) with recA1 endA1 mutations to increase insert stability as needed when plasmids are carrying viral elements. Both strains allow blue/white screening.

Don’t forget to estimate the titer by a simple PCR based method especially when working with constructs without a fluorophor. PCR based methods are available for lentiviral, retroviral and AAV systems.

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