Immunohistology & Histology

Immunohistology & Histology

Our product range from Nordic BioSite, Bio SB and VitroVivo Biotech combines high-quality routine and research immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagents with a wide selection of routine and special histological stainings. In addition, specially optimized pathology antibodies will help you creating more than just satisfying results.
To keep it simple: you´ll find everything you need for your routine stains or research experiments when it comes to IHC or Histology.


For pretreatment and visualization we offer biotin or polymer-based detection systems and ancillary reagents (e.g. Chromogenic substrates, Mounting Media, Epitope retrieval reagents, etc.).
For diagnostics in the routine laboratory, we offer a selected a number of markers with the characteristics that they work well for IHC and have adapted the format and size to meet the needs of most diagnostic laboratories. They have all been tested and approved for IHC on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue.

Routine & Special Histology Stains

Nordic BioSite and VitroVivo Biotech offer a wide selection of routine and special histological stainings according to the need of the study. Their routine protocols are valitated and fine tuned according to the tissue and standards of the optimal stainings. We offer a big selection of commonly used stains but also more special ones including HE (routine for paraffin soft tissues or for decalcified bone), Toluidine blue, Weigert van gieson, Reticulin staining (Silver staining), Elastica (Verhoef van gieson), Masson Goldners Trichrome (plastic sections), AB-PAS, PAS, enzyme-PAS, Iron staining, Giemsa, Oil red O, Kongo, etc. .

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