Chemicals & Compounds

Chemicals & Compounds

We offer a wide selection of small molecules, reference compounds, APIs, natural compounds, inhibitors, chemicals, biochemicals, as well as standard buffers you need to take your research further, including drug-like heterocycles, complex biolipids and fatty acids, inhibitors, activators, and modulators. All products come in high purity and convenient sizes.

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Our product portfolio also includes a large range of biochemicals, e.g. for metabolism studies (probe substrates, metabolites and inhibitors, most of which are listed in the draft FDA guidance #6695 dft) as well as microsomes containing recombinant human CYP450s.

Bulk pricing, custom aliquots, and exact weights are available upon your request. Not finding what you’re looking for? Contact our custom organic service staff for affordable pricing on the synthesis of your custom molecule.

Fluorescent Dyes for Bioanalytical & Hightech Applications

Recently, there has been a renaissance as well as a revolution in the use of light in biotechnology, biomedical research, and clinical diagnostics. Powerful new markers and / or probes, which have been constructed using knowledge of both organic chemistry and molecular biology, are combined with automated imaging workstations to define the content, activity, and dynamics of different materials in life science. Based upon these innovative applications the design of functional chromophores and fluorophores is the most significant and enticing field in dye chemistry.

Together with Dyomics we are open-minded and flexible in nearly every aspect of color chemistry. The product portfolio ranges from laser dyes to fluorescent indicators for optical sensing, which includes lipophilic membrane probes and dyes with enhanced Stokes shift.

Enthusiasm for research and development, partnered with an understanding of these products is second nature to the team of young scientists at Dyomics. Within a very short time, we were able to develop several sets of new diode laser-compatible fluorescent labels. These labels of the DY-series are suitable for proteins, DNA-oligomers and other biomolecules. Further modifications are available too or will follow soon.


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