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Ray Biotech: 30% off IQELISA kits

Summer Savings: Never a better time to try Immuno-PCR!

30% off any IQELISA kit. Cannot be combined with IQELISA plate service promotion.
Use promo SAVEIQ30 on your order. Sale ends September 3, 2021

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Proteintech: Antibody Trial Pack

Proteintech’s new offer allows you to test exactly what you need, for less.

With our portfolio of over 13,000 antibodies (each offered in 20ul), you can mix and match to create your unique trial pack. Perfect for researchers starting a new project, or those who require less volume.

  • Receive 20% off trial packs of five 20ul antibodies
  • Receive 30% off trial packs of ten 20ul antibodies

Note:  Most 20ul trial size vials are €109 each.
To take advantage of this offer, simply add five or ten 20ul antibodies to your cart and apply the promo code GTRIALPCK21.

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Ray Biotech: 20% off All C-Series Arrays

Save 20% on all Ray Biotech C-series arrays.

RayBiotech’s C-Series arrays enable the screening of tens to hundreds of proteins for human, mouse, rat, bovine, canine, dolphin, equine, gallus, ovine, and porcine.
Processed similarly to a western blot with a chemiluminescent readout, our sandwich-based C-Series arrays are so easy to use that even the novice researcher can successfully collect data.

Use promo 20CSeries21 to get 20% off all membrane-based arrays.
Sale ends July 31, 2021

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Ray Biotech: 20% off Quantibody and GS-Series Array Kits

The 20% off Quantibody sale now also include GS-Series array kits (no code needed).

As a reminder, the GS-Series arrays are the same array prints as the comparable Quantibody array but they will not include the standard cocktail so results will be semi-quantitative in comparison.

No code needed, see and order via promo prices in our Life Science Shop as often as you like through Dec 31, 2021.

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