We offer an all inclusive range of individual reagents and kits that enable the preparation and quantitation of RNA/miRNA/lncRNA and DNA for subsequent application(s) from reverse transcription, end-point and real-time PCR to next generation sequencing and library construction.

DNA, RNA & miRNA Isolation

Isolation of DNA, RNA and miRNA from tissues, mammalian cells, bacteria, plants and difficult sample types like serum, FFPE material, saliva, soil, stool, urine or milk is an easy task when using our kits. 96-well format is also available for a selection of these kits. It is worth noting that these kits ensure high qualitative results at very competitive prices.

Ethidium Bromid Destroyer

EtBr Destroyer is a specifically designed reagent that effectively degrade and destroy the EtBr and result in a non-fluorescence and non-mutagenic remainder. It is provided in two different formats, as a spray (for the treatment of clean surfaces and solid waste) or as powder (to decontaminate liquid waste).

NGS Kits, Enzymes & Services

The currently available Next-generation sequencing technologies revolutionize research in life science (especially genomics) and medical applications. NGS technologies include a number of methods for template preparation, sequencing and imaging, as well as data analysis. However, the basic sample process requirements, so called „library construction“, are shared among all of the technology platforms like Illumina and IonTorrent.

We offer an all-inclusive range of individual enzymes (Phi29 DNA polymerase, T4 RNA ligase), DNA purification and NGS library preparation kits (e.g. RapidSeq-Series for DNA or RNA) to allow fast and cost-effective NGS sequencing.

CancerSeq™ NGS Characterized Tissues are high quality genetically characterized tissues from real tumors that are ideal for verification, genotyping, and identification of new mutational hotspots.

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Cloning Kits & Restriction Enzymes

Reverse Transcription, DNA Polymerases & qPCR Products

Nucleic Acid Quantitation

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