Gene Modulation, Genome Editing & miRNA

Gene Modulation, Genome Editing & miRNA

To study and understand gene and miRNA function, overexpression, knock-down or knock-out experiments are well established approaches. This chapter will help you finding a suitable solution for all viral-, plasmid- and oligo-based methods to increase or decrease miRNA as well as mRNA levels or to implement genomic alterations into cells.

CRISPR-Cas System

The recent discovery of the type II prokaryotic CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) system, originally discovered in the bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes that works as a mechanism to defend against viruses and foreign DNA has provided a revolutionary tool for targeted genome engineering.

We supply you with a broad collection of CRISPR-Cas9 products. We offer plasmid and plasmid-free (oligo and protein based) tools, validation and screening kits as well as pre-made stable cell lines. Using our products you can also edit, tag, silence, or activate any part of the genome. For screening projects lentiviral sgRNA pooled libraries or oligo-based libraries are provided.

Down-regulation by siRNA/shRNA

Small or short interfering RNA (siRNA) is the most commonly used RNA interference (RNAi) tool for inducing short-term silencing of protein coding genes. siRNA is a synthetic RNA duplex designed to specifically target a particular mRNA but also long noncoding RNAs (lncRNA) for degradation. Since siRNAs achieve transient silencing, experiments are limited to relatively short time frames on the order of 2-4 days.

Horizon Discovery (former Dharmacon) siRNA products are the result of scientific innovation in siRNA design and novel modification strategies to optimize potency, specificity and delivery. Also hard to transfect cells, like neurons, cells from hematopoetic origin or primary cells can be targeted with Horizon Discovery´s (former Dharmacon) Accell siRNA tools, with a mofidification that induce uptake into the cell. With On-Target Plus (OTP) you achieve the optimal specificity from the only siRNA with a patented modification pattern to reduce off-targets caused by either the sense or the antisense strand. Moreover with the SMARTpool version, a pool of four siRNA duplexes, all designed to target distinct sites within the specific gene of interest, you achieve lowest off-target effects with maximal knock-down efficiency.

All siRNA sequences are selected using Horizon’s SMARTselection design algorithm and then analyzed for significant sequence identity with other non-targeted genes using a unique, modified BLAST analysis against a curated database for the appropriate species.

You plan to analyse a bigger set of genes? Try out the Cherry Pick Library plater, where you can choose from human and mouse pre-designed siRNAs in a smaller and more price comprehensive format. Also miRNA and crRNAs, as well as ORF clones are available in the Cherry pick format.

Horizon Discovery offers human siRNA libraries for predefined gene family, including Tyrosine Kinases, Ion Channels,Apoptosis-related, Epigenetics-related, Druggable genes or Whole Genome.

You are working with a more exotic organism? Use the siRNA Design Center to identifying functional siRNA in your mRNA/lncRNA or ask for your Zoonome Custom siRNA Libraries supporting veterinary, agricultural, and other research working in non-human.

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